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Our Service - Working For You

Eurocom CI Ltd was set up in 2007 providing pre employment screening and Disclosure and Barring checks to employers. We pride ourselved in providing fit for purpose solutions and excellent customer service.


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are a critical part of the safeguarding process for staff with access to vulnerable adults and children or those in certain prescribed roles.

Ten simple steps to a safer, faster solution

Need to run a DBS check?

Here’s what happens with our managed service:

1 You give us the applicant/employee/volunteer’s email details and those of the manager who will be validating the ID

2 We create a username and password and email a link with instructions to the applicant/employee/volunteer on how to complete the form online

3 We also send a username and password to the manager to verify ID details

4 The applicant/employee/volunteer uses the link to the web page and logs in to complete the simple, easy to follow form

5 An automatic check will prevent the form from being submitted if it’s incomplete or contains errors, saving time and frustration

6 We send the applicant/employee/volunteer an email confirming that their form has been successfully submitted

7 We notify the manager via e-mail that the ID section now needs to be completed

8 The manager checks the ID with that supplied by the applicant/employee/volunteer, enters the details and submits the form

9 sends the form electronically via e-Bulk to the CRB for processing

10 Average turnaround time for DBS disclosures is 5 days.

No more paper. No more postage. Access anywhere by PC, laptop or iPhone.